“I was listening to a speaker recently who was discussing appreciation.  I thought I understood what appreciation meant, but as he continued, it was clear that I did not.  What I understood as appreciation was really recognition, whereas, appreciation is more about people than results.  This speaker said “take the time to look for and find the things in people around us to appreciate.”  So I am writing to say I appreciate you and our professional relationship.”

-Timothy M.

“Thank you letting me participate in your patients’ visits and learn both from their histories and your tips on physical exam findings.  Your astute and compassionate patient care was obvious and I hope one day I am able to reach a similar place in practice.  Thank you for all the help.”

-Jennifer E.


“Thank you for making my quality of life so much better!  It’s comforting to know that there are people in this world who genuinely care.  There are no words to express my gratitude to you in helping, supporting, and being there for me.  I can actually wake with a smile now.  Thanks!”

-Robert M.


“Thank you for hosting the brain injury support group’s Christmas party!  Your continued support throughout the year is greatly appreciated.  The group has grown so much in 10 months.  We look forward to impacting more lives in the future.  Thank you again for all that you do!”

-Jenny J.


“Thank you for taking such good care of me and treating me as a person.”

-Robert M.

“We are humbled by your gracious support and generosity this past year.  There are no words to express how much this means to us.  Thank you for everything!”

-Cindy and Jenny


“I thank you for taking us under your wing and teaching us more about your specialty in neurology.  I also thank you for the wonderful dinner and all the advice you gave us that evening.”

-Jenn A.

“You go above and beyond and words can’t even begin to express how grateful and thankful we are.  Thank you so very much for helping with my brother.  We so appreciate it!”

-Jacob and Jenn C.


“Thank you very much for your kind condolences regarding the passing of my father.  I deeply appreciate the kindness, compassion, and professionalism consistently shown by you and the entire office.  I remain forever grateful for all you have done for me.  God bless you now and always.”

-Patrick G.


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